About Green Building Technologies

Green Building Technologies Co. was formed by Resins Enhancements, LLC, created by owner and inventor Dr. Frank Scott and Mr. Henry Lione. GBT was set up as an international company marketing a proprietary “green” non-toxic, water-based, resin product which enhances the characteristics of many common construction materials.

“Frank and Hank,” spent years performing R&D and testing to perfect their products; their work validated by independent laboratory testing. Their line of innovative products provides enhancements that increase strength, durability, and open up new uses for a variety of building materials. The industries that Green Building Technologies products can benefit amounts to over $300 billion per year in the United States alone, and approximately $1.9 trillion worldwide.

GBT now is focused on completing its packaging, web sites, and ramping up a diverse team of experienced marketing, supply chain, and engineering professionals to bring its products to the world market.

With R&D and production facilities in St. Cloud, Florida, and administrative offices in Kissimmee/Celebration, Florida, GBT is ready to market their “green” products across America, and across the globe.